Stories In Light Photography strives to capture beautiful and creative images for all of our photos.  We then present them in a variety of ways; traditional art for your living spaces, a coffee cup to help you start your day, or clothing and accessories to carry your art with you.  Thanks for taking the time to look through our work.  Questions?


Ian McDonald has been taking photos all his life but began professionally in 2014 as a Stock Photographer and expanded into Fine Art Photography in 2016 with an on-line gallery and displays in Metro Vancouver galleries and art shows.

Andrew McDonald is a 13 year old Photographer studying Photography at a Fine Arts High School.  He has a unique vision and a passion for wildlife and landscape photography.  We will be debuting Andrew's full portfolio page in 2019.

Accepting Artists.  Are you interested in joining the Stories in Light team.  In 2019 we will be accepting new artists with complimentary portfolios.  Email Ian,

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December 2018.  Stories in Light Photography launches a new and expanded website with links to fine art and stock portfolios as well as clothing, cell phone cases, tote bags and more featuring images from Stories in Light.

November 2018.  The Wrecks 2019 Calendar is available now featuring fine art photographs of wrecked cars and trucks abandoned in forests, deserts and other unique locations.  Click the Fine Art Portfolio tab in the menu.

October 2018.  Our first two calendars are now available, Warbirds 2019 featuring 100 years of historic military aircraft and Barn Storming 2019 featuring photos of barns on stormy days.  Click the Fine Art Portfolio tab in the menu.  UPDATE:  Barn Storming 2019 - only TWO left - email to check availability -

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